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Indulge in our extensive Nashta buffet featuring popular dishes like Halwa Puri, Mutton Paya, Parathas, and English Breakfast among over 100 scrumptious options. Our buffet not only offers delicious variety but also exceptional value for money.
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Best Price In Lahore

Rs 1799

Enjoy UNLIMTED DRINKS excluding water in additional Rs 150 +tax only.

Searching for the finest Nashta choices in Lahore? Discover culinary excellence at our restaurant! Dive into our expansive Nashta buffet featuring an array of mouth-watering selections, including Halwa Puri, Siri Paya, Parathas, English Breakfast, and over 100 other delicious options. Priced affordably, our buffet offers outstanding value. Treat yourself to a taste adventure that pleases both your palate and your budget. Visit us for an unparalleled Nashta experience at Lahore’s premier buffet!

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