Chandni Chowk Restaurant

Premium Buffet Box

Our buffet box is perfect for any occasion! Enjoy 35-plus dishes from the comfort of your own home.

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Rs 4199

Now Enjoy Buffet In a Box

Our delicious selection includes Grilled Special, Traditional Desi, sides, and desserts. Start off with five types of delicious BBQ, then move on to a variety of Chicken Handi(s), Palao, and vegetable curry. Round out the meal with sides of Premium quality roghni naan(s), Pizza, Fresh Salad, and three types of raita/sauces. Finish off with some Chocolate Mousse and Fruit Triffle, Firni, or Gulab Jamun for the perfect ending. Enjoy a delicious and unique meal with our buffet in a box!​

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